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May 22, 2023

Mastering Indie Publishing with Author M.K. Williams

Mastering Indie Publishing with Author M.K. Williams
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We talk about self-publishing frequently on here, right? Today I’m talking with M.K. Williams, who has authored 13 books - and she will give you an even deeper dive into indie publishing. M.K. had one simple goal: she needed more time to write her own books. After self-publishing two novels, she found herself spending more and more time answering questions from aspiring authors than working on her next manuscript. Out of necessity,  Author Your Ambition was born. Through a series of videos, books, and courses, M.K. now helps more authors than she could have imagined (and she even has some time to write her own books as well.) Since 2015 she has written and self-published her own collection of books and helped dozens of authors on their independent publishing journey, all while raising her daughter. 

She’s a fountain of info, you guys. Connect with her below and tap the links to purchase Author Your Ambition & watch her Youtube videos:


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