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Jan. 24, 2022

Designing Memphis and Raising Children with Interior Designer Maggie Clarke

Designing Memphis and Raising Children with Interior Designer Maggie Clarke
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Maggie Clarke is the acclaimed interior designer and CEO behind her full service design firm, Maggie Clarke Interiors headquartered in Memphis, TN. Over the years, Maggie has become a local household name with features in At Home, Apartment Therapy, and Martha Stewart Magazine. Today, she is recognized as the “go to” interior designer and project advisor to busy, professional families in the Southeast looking to design a home that meets the unique needs of their family. Preferred design partners, a keen attention to craftsmanship, and turn-key approach to each family are the pillars of Maggie’s design.


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Maggie Clarke

interior designer / owner of Maggie Clarke Interiors / Mom of 3

Maggie Clarke is a residential interior designer and owner of Maggie Clarke Interiors, LLC in Memphis, TN. She is also a mother to Glenys (7), Lula (5), and Oliver (21 months). While staying at home to raise her girls for 4 years, Maggie immersed herself into the world of interior design via instagram, blogs, and design magazines. During those years at home, Maggie craved a creative release and enjoyed sprucing up their home on a small budget. On a date one night, Maggie and her husband had a conversation about how they could merge their two talents together. Maggie's husband, Lewis, purchases investment rental properties as a side gig. They came up with the idea to turn some of their properties into Airbnb's which would allow Maggie to furnish and decorate them. During the journey of renovating and decorating their first property, Maggie began posting photos on instagram. Almost immediately Maggie began getting inquiries from people wanting her to design their personal homes. Since then, Maggie has exponentially grown her business and offers luxury interior design services in the Memphis area and beyond...and oh yea- had another baby a long the way! She can't believe she gets to design homes for a living! Being able to help people love their homes is such a dream come true. She owes it to taking a huge leap of faith and simply putting herself out there. She believes being a working mom isn't always easy, but so worth it. "I feel like I'm the best version of myself when I get to do what I love, and in turn, I'm a much better mom!"