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Moms supporting moms

This is an amazing podcast for all the moms out there who are following their dreams while raising little humans. Kelli has built a supportive platform for us all to connect, inspire and share our journey, together. Love this podcast and what it stands for. Thanks Kelli for being you!

Amazing platform for Moms!

Kelli is an amazing mom and artist and she is also the ultimate cheerleader for other creative moms! She offers an amazing platform for moms to come together and discuss all things motherhood and creative!!

Amazingly inspiring

AMAZING inspiring content on how to be a creative AND a parent! Keep making great content!

Quality content for creative moms!

I love this series because it deep dives into the topics that creative moms think about, in a bite size way. I listen to these episodes as I’m going back and forth for school drop off/pick up, and it’s just the right amount to get me energized and motivated to continue to create!

Not just for moms

I’m really enjoying this series. I’m not a mom, but I considered myself an artist and creative. I work a full time 9-5 and feel drained most days, with very little energy for the fun stuff. Learning to balance home life/work life and my creative side can often times be challenging. This podcast has already inspired me to take care of my inner child and light the spark for that energy. Can’t wait for more episodes!

Great podcast and incredible artist

Kelli is an incredibly talented artist, author and apparently podcast host now too. She has knack for connecting with her guests and drawing out their excitement when they speak about their projects. Great listen!