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Nov. 8, 2021

Making Music and Memories with Tara Drouin

Making Music and Memories with Tara Drouin
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Musician Moms, this one’s for you.

Tara is a teacher, musician, children’s book author and a rockstar mom.  She’s been playing in her band Iridesense for over 25 years. Tara has 3 books out now.  Her latest release Starlight, has accompanying music.  The song is on Spotify, itunes, Amazon etc. and the book is now on Amazon.  Check out the links below to follow her, buy her books and music,  and get it touch!

Instagram - @1heartofficial and @iridesense_official
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Twitter - @EberleTara
Youtube -
Iridesense -

Amazon -

Her new book, Starlight —

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