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Aug. 8, 2022

How to Curate Your Perfect Morning Routine

How to Curate Your Perfect Morning Routine
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Setting an intentional morning routine really comes down to you waking up early for a reason. A purpose. Don’t just wake up to say you wake up at 5am because it’s what a book (or podcast) told you to do. Have that passion burning in you to not his snooze at 5am, or, okay, only hit it once, and to know that your words and your art are waiting for you. What’s your reason? It can be a burning passion to just drink coffee in the quiet, listening to birds sing outside while you let your mind summon your next creative endeavor. It can be a burning passion to become a New York Times Bestselling Author.
 Not everyone is a morning person, of course. But if you’re one of those that has small children and needs the early morning to get things done, instead of nighttime when your kids are running in your room every hour, this is for you. The enneagram 4 in me would love to make this groundbreaking, completely unique and mind-blowing. But, it's in the simpleness that we can really thrive. Small Changes. Routines form habits. Habits turn into a lifestyle.  And boy is it hard to make a routine, right? You can make your breakfast the night before once, wake up super pumped and proud of yourself, then never do it again. So when you wake up the next day with no prepared breakfast, a rumbly in your tumbly and consequently in a bad mood, why even wake up early in the first place? When I wake up annoyed or mad, it really sets the tone for the morning. Intentional is, and always is, the name of the game.

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Thank you so much for listening, and I hope you find takeaways to have a productive and creative morning. 

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